Odem’s scope

Approximately 15% of all heart failure (HF) patients suffer from cardiac desynchrony, typically manifested by impaired activation and contraction of the left ventricle. This phenomenon deforms the normal cardiac contraction and results in impaired cardiac pumping. Cardiac desynchrony leads to progressive deterioration in patients’ quality of life and increased mortality rates. 


Current treatment for cardiac desynchrony is based on cardiac pacing by a special pacemaker and leads setup that synchronizes the contraction of the right and left ventricles. This treatment, termed ‘bi-ventricular pacing’ or ‘cardiac resynchronization therapy’ (CRT) was found to improve cardiac pumping. However, the current CRT approach suffers from limitations, and fails in about 40% of the patients.


Odem is developing an innovative line of newly designed tools for cardiac resynchronization. In addition, the company’s product line opens the course for safe and easy minimally invasive access to various pericardial cavity manipulations, including drug delivery, epicardial ablation and pericardiocentesis.



Odem combines advanced engineering expertise and broad scientific collaboration to bring innovative solutions to the field of heart failure patient’s treatment.